Sunday, January 16, 2011

time flies!

It really does.

APRIL was the time of my last blog post! What a season of life God unfolded for me since then. I couldn't possibly detail, or even summarize, everything that has happened since then-- so I won't try.

Oh, except, I got married. Wooooo!

I intended this post to explain something that's been on my heart this past week, but my thoughts aren't yet settled or organized, and I'd like to give it its own space.

So I'll use this one to say: I miss Michigan intensely. I miss family and friends and places and routines and habits and hangouts and communities and churches

and Golden Harvest.


And I know all too well that I can call and text and videochat and email-- and still I will not be able to keep up with everyone I want to as well as I want to.

So: this blog will transform a little. I'd like to frequently include simple posts about what's going on in our lives-- pictures, videos, stories, big important updates, and life's little quirks. And lots of what we love: stories upon stories about Jesus' work in us and our communities.

My ultimate intent for the future of this blog is that it would be an invitation for friends (meaning you!) to experience New Orleans with us, from wherever you may be. We miss you already!