Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a season to work

Searching for a job sucks so bad. The monotony of the application process feels much the same as re-learning the scientific method at the start of every science class..."Ugh, this again?" My employment history has been pressed into every corner of my brain- I couldn't tell you the home addresses of any of my close friends, but I could spout off the address and phone number of every place I've ever worked.

Besides the mass application I sent in to University Housing (which, hey, MSU-- I'm guaranteed employment...right?), I've applied at something close to 10 other stores. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of places that are already hiring seasonally. But I mean, I did hear Christmas music on the radio over the weekend,'s that time, I guess.

I don't know what I love so much about plain old customer service, but I really just want to be a cashier. Talking to people is so much easier than it seems sometimes, and I'd love the opportunity to grow in this even more. When I was younger, I always felt awkward and uncomfortable around store employees. Side note: this might have had more to do with me feeling awkward and insecure around everyone, but it was always heightened in stores. At some point, I realized that as the customer, I'm expected to have questions and need service, and some of that insecurity dissolved. Those experiences are part of the reason I want to work in a customer service arena. Working in a public environment is such an easy outlet for showing simple Christlike friendliness, care, and service.

Yesterday and today have been Phase 1: Apply. Tomorrow begins Phase 2: Follow up via el teléfono. I will probably take the first thing I can get...the time for being picky has passed. Prayers would be sweet. I need a job.

And, completely unrelated- but this blog thing! I'm not sure why I started it. I like to write. Sometimes I think about interesting things. Sometimes I think about boring things, like getting a job. But I thought I'd give writing about those interesting (and, like today, sometimes boring) things a shot. So this is it. :)

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